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Bastrop High School Football Schedule/Results

Below is the schedule and results for Bastrop High School Football. Click on the date of the game to read more information, including game summaries. Below the list is a description of the Codes.

D 11/10/20177:30pmRouse (Leander)49Bastrop28
D 11/3/20177:30pmGeorgetown Eastview34Bastrop27
D H 10/20/20177:30pmElgin42Bastrop14
D 10/13/20177:30pmHutto55Bastrop13
D 10/6/20177:30pmBastrop50Pflugerville Connally46
D 9/29/20177:30pmGeorgetown62Bastrop3
D 9/22/20177:30pmBastrop23Cedar Creek21
9/15/20177:30pmCedar Park63Bastrop14
9/2/20172:00pmDripping Springs55Bastrop21
D 11/4/20167:30 p.m.Rouse42Bastrop35
D 10/28/20167:30 p.m.Georgetown Eastview68Bastrop33
D 10/14/20167:30 p.m.Elgin34Bastrop27
D 10/7/20167:30 p.m.Hutto28Bastrop12
D 9/30/20167:30 p.m.Pflugerville Connally42Bastrop21
D 9/23/20167:30 p.m.Georgetown41Bastrop25
D 9/16/20167:30 p.m.Bastrop43Cedar Creek9
D 9/9/20167:30 p.m.Cedar Park30Bastrop0
9/2/20167:30 p.m.Manor35Bastrop18
8/26/20167:30 p.m.Dripping Springs43Bastrop6
P 11/12/20157:30 pmCedar Park49Bastrop14
D H 11/5/20157:30 pmBastrop75Austin Lanier14
H 10/30/20157:30 pmBastrop63Austin Crockett27
D 10/23/20157:30 pmBastrop42Cedar Creek20
D 10/16/20157:30 pmBastrop40Austin McCallum16
D 10/9/20157:30 pmAustin Reagan27Bastrop15
D 9/24/20157:30 pmBastrop42Austin Travis13
D 9/18/20157:30pmLBJ24Bastrop19
9/11/20157:30pmDripping Springs38Bastrop14
8/28/20157:30 pmBastrop47Lehman14
P 11/14/20147:30pmGeorgetown Eastview31Bastrop0
D 11/7/20147:30 pmBastrop56Austin Lanier0
D 10/30/20147:30 pmBastrop51Austin Crockett28
D 10/24/20147:30 pmBastrop44Cedar Creek7
D 10/17/20147:30 pmAustin McCallum40Bastrop38
D H 10/10/20147:30 pmBastrop49Austin Reagan20
D 9/25/20147:30 pmBastrop56Austin Travis0
D 9/19/20147:30 pmAustin LBJ41Bastrop22
9/12/20147:30 pmBastrop24Dripping Springs14
9/5/20147:30 pmElgin45Bastrop34
8/29/20147:30 pmBastrop48Lehman21
D 11/7/20137:30Georgetown41Bastrop7
D 10/31/20137:30Elgin45Bastrop7
D 10/25/20137:30Bastrop33Pflugerville Connally14
D 10/18/20137:30Hutto10Bastrop7
D 10/11/20137:30Bastrop61Cedar Creek0
D 9/27/20137:30Georgetown Eastview44Bastrop38
D 9/20/20137:30Manor26Bastrop23
9/12/20137:30Bastrop42Austin Akins27
8/29/20137:00Vista Ridge35Bastrop6
D 11/9/20127:30Georgetown54Bastrop28
D 11/2/20127:30Elgin38Bastrop0
D 10/26/20127:30Pflugerville Connally30Bastrop0
D 10/18/20127:00Hutto21Bastrop14
D 10/12/20127:30Bastrop72Cedar Creek7
D 9/28/20127:30Bastrop54Georgetown Eastview20
D 9/21/20127:30Manor21Bastrop12
9/14/20127:30Austin Akins17Bastrop16
8/31/20127:30Vista Ridge30Bastrop0
D 11/4/20117:30 pmHutto40Bastrop7
D 10/28/20117:30 pmElgin28Bastrop23
D 10/21/20117:30 pmPflugerville Connally47Bastrop35
D 10/14/20117:30 pmPflugerville Hendrickson41Bastrop14
D 10/7/20117:30 pmManor29Bastrop12
D 9/30/20117:30 pmBastrop27Bryan Rudder17
9/15/20117:10 pmBastrop48San Marcos23
9/9/20117:39 pmAustin Akins0Bastrop0
9/2/20117:39 pmBastrop13Seguin0
8/26/20117:39 pmMcNeil26Bastrop21
P 12/4/20102:00 PM Mesquite Poteet42Bastrop35
P 11/26/20108:00pmBastrop38Frisco Liberty24
P 11/19/20107:30pmBastrop58Sulphur Springs44
P 11/11/20107:00 pmBastrop55Corsicana34
D 11/5/20107:30pmHutto36Bastrop7
D 10/28/20107:00pmBastrop42Elgin0
D 10/22/20107:30pmBastrop42Pflugerville Connally27
D 10/15/20107:30pmBastrop35Pflugerville Hendrickson21
D 10/8/20107:30 pmBastrop59Manor42
D 10/1/20107:30 PMBryan Rudder27Bastrop21
9/17/20107:30pmBastrop43San Marcos36
9/10/20107:30 pmBastrop63Austin Akins7
9/2/20107:00 PMBastrop51Seguin21
8/27/20107:30 pmMcNeil22Bastrop20
P 11/13/20097:30 PMNew Braunfels41Bastrop21
D 11/6/20097:30Austin Bowie34Bastrop14
D 10/30/20097:30Bastrop35Austin Akins21
D 10/22/20097:30Bastrop14Austin High7
D H 10/16/20097:30Bastrop31Austin Anderson28
D 10/9/20097:30Bastrop24Westlake21
D 10/2/20097:30Bastrop23Pflugerville Connally19
D 9/25/20097:30Bastrop41Pflugerville26
9/4/20097:30Bastrop10San Marcos7
D 11/7/20087:30 pmAustin Bowie42Bastrop21
D 10/31/20087:30 pmBastrop37Austin Akins7
D H 10/24/20087:30 pmAustin High37Bastrop28
D 10/16/20087:00 pmAustin Anderson42Bastrop35
D 10/10/20087:30 pmWestlake49Bastrop36
D 10/3/20087:30 pmPflugerville Connally17Bastrop7
D 9/26/20087:30 pmPflugerville28Bastrop10
9/11/20087:00 pmShoemaker36Bastrop15
9/5/20087:30 pmSan Marcos27Bastrop26
8/29/20087:30 pmBastrop34Hays Consolidated27
D 11/9/20077:30pmAustin High61Bastrop3
D 11/1/20077:30pmAustin Bowie35Bastrop0
D 10/26/20077:30pmSan Marcos38Bastrop0
D 10/19/20077:30pmAustin Anderson41Bastrop34
D H 10/12/20077:30pmBastrop15Austin Akins14
D 10/5/20077:30pmWestlake51Bastrop14
D 9/28/20077:30pmSeguin29Bastrop23
9/21/20077:30pmHays Consolidated28Bastrop14
9/14/20077:30pmRound Rock49Bastrop19
D 11/9/20067:00pmAustin High34Bastrop0
D 11/3/20067:30pmAustin Bowie28Bastrop18
D 10/27/20067:30pmSan Marcos39Bastrop15
D H 10/20/20067:30pmBastrop35Austin Anderson17
D 10/13/20067:30pmBastrop35Austin Akins14
D 10/6/20067:30pmWestlake38Bastrop9
D 9/29/20067:30pmSeguin27Bastrop14
9/22/20067:30pmHays Consolidated28Bastrop10
9/15/20067:30pmRound Rock34Bastrop7
P 11/11/20057:30pmLeander38Bastrop13
D 11/3/20057:00 PMBastrop52Austin Akins41
D H 10/28/20057:30 PMBastrop52Austin Anderson35
D 10/21/20057:30 PMBastrop24Austin High17
D 10/14/20057:30 PMWestlake44Bastrop24
D 10/7/20057:30 PMBastrop31Austin Bowie28
D 10/1/20057:30 PMHays Consolidated47Bastrop44
D 9/26/20057:00 PMBastrop44Austin Crockett27
9/16/20057:30 PMBastrop38Del Valle21
9/9/20057:30 PMRound Rock27Bastrop3
9/2/20057:30 PMBelton41Bastrop34
D 11/5/20047:30 PMBastrop29Austin Akins14
D 10/29/20047:30 PMAustin Anderson27Bastrop26
D 10/21/20047:30 PMBastrop28Austin High17
D 10/15/20047:30 PMWestlake35Bastrop21
D 10/8/20047:30 PMAustin Bowie35Bastrop0
D 10/1/20047:30 PMHays Consolidated42Bastrop21
D 9/23/20047:00 PMBastrop36Austin Crockett14
H 9/17/20047:30 PMBastrop43Del Valle11
9/10/20047:30 PMRound Rock42Bastrop28
9/3/20047:30 PMBastrop24Belton0
P 11/21/20037:30 PMAlamo Heights27Bastrop6
P 11/15/20032:00 PMBastrop42Austin McCallum33
D H 10/31/20037:30 PMBastrop45Lake Travis31
D 10/24/20037:30 PMBastrop31New Braunfels Canyon24
D 10/17/20037:30 PMDripping Springs10Bastrop3
D 10/10/20037:30 PMBastrop14Lockhart7
D 10/3/20037:30 PMBastrop31Del Valle14
D 9/26/20037:30 PMNew Braunfels24Bastrop21
9/19/20037:30 PMBastrop42Austin LBJ7
9/12/20037:30 PMSan Marcos42Bastrop21
9/5/20037:30 PMBelton52Bastrop28
8/29/20037:30 PMRound Rock27Bastrop7
P 11/23/200212:00 PMKerrville14Bastrop9
P 11/15/20027:30 PMBastrop28Austin McCallum19
D 11/1/20027:30 PMBastrop28Lake Travis0
D 10/25/20027:30 PMBastrop26New Braunfels Canyon23
D 10/18/20027:30 PMBastrop34Dripping Springs8
D 10/11/20027:30 PMBastrop35Lockhart0
D 10/4/20027:30 PMBastrop42Del Valle15
D 9/27/20027:30 PMNew Braunfels23Bastrop15
9/20/20027:30 PMBastrop27Austin LBJ21
9/13/20027:30 PMSan Marcos37Bastrop0
9/6/20027:30 PMBastrop42Belton17
8/30/20027:30 PMBastrop13Round Rock12
P 12/8/20012:00 PMAustin Reagan42Bastrop38
P 12/1/20018:30 PMBastrop28Beeville14
P 11/24/20012:00 PMBastrop28Uvalde6
P 11/16/20017:30 PMBastrop20Austin LBJ12
D 11/9/20017:30 PMBastrop28Lake Travis14
D 11/2/20017:30 PMBastrop41Del Valle40
D 10/26/20017:30 PMBastrop27San Marcos26
D 10/19/20017:30 PMBastrop35Lockhart14
D 10/12/20017:30 PMBastrop29Dripping Springs9
10/5/20017:30 PMBastrop21Shoemaker9
9/28/20017:30 PMHays Consolidated35Bastrop0
9/21/20017:30 PMHarker Heights38Bastrop28
9/14/20017:30 PMAustin Reagan35Bastrop21
9/7/20017:30 PMCedar Park28Bastrop14

Record: 87 - 98


Code Descriptions
D = District Game | H = Homecoming Game | P = Post Season Playoff Game


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