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Subject: Arby’s
Comment: Today March 01, 2019 I went to the Arby’s location in Bastrop and spoke with the Manager. They will be having their Grand Opening a week from Monday on the 11th at 10:00 AM. I just wanted to share the news. 😛 - ST
Location: Bastrop , Tx
Editor's Comment: Thanks for your information.

Subject: Extension of Hunters Point Street
Comment: Glad to see Hunters Point Blvd is being extended to open up the back of Hunters Crossing. With the increase of traffic on 304 and all the new apartments being built there this will help cut down some on the traffic. Gives Hunters Crossing residents better access to Hwy 71 going East. - Jk
Location: Bastrop , Texas
United States
Editor's Comment: Thanks for the good news!
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Subject: HomeGoods Coming to Bastrop?
Question: I heard that there is a HomeGoods store opening in Bastrop. Do you have any information about it? - GN
Editor's Comment: A HomeGoods is scheduled to open at 753 C Highway 71 W in May 2019.

Subject: Seton Hospital Opening
Question: Do you have any idea when the new Seton Hospital will open? - AF
Editor's Comment: The estimated completion date for the new Seton Hospital is October 2019.

Subject: New restaurants coming
Question: Heard there is a new restaurant being built across from Convention center. Any info on whether this is true? - Jk
Location: Bastrop , Tx
Editor's Comment: Yes, it will be a nice family owned restaurant with a good parking area.

Subject: Arby's
Question: What day does Arby's open?...looks like any day now. - pb
Editor's Comment: It is now open.

Subject: Building next to the free standing ER
Question: What is being built next to the free standing ER in Bastrop? I am not talking about the new Seton Hospital. - AS
Location: Bastrop , TX
United States
Editor's Comment: The most answers I have gotten is that it is Seton and the road to It, plus the needed infrastructure.

Subject: arbys
Question: Any new news if Arbys is really coming to Bastrop? Thanks for all the info you supply. - JS
Editor's Comment: Qucktrip is going in at the corner of Hwy 71 and Jackson Street. Arby's is going in where Carl's used to be. It appears that they are going to demo the old Ramos building.

Subject: Community information
Question: Why have we not had any information regarding new things happening in town since way back in June? Is there not a backup for when the contributor is unable to keep things current? - Jk
Location: Bastrop , Tx
Editor's Comment: Look for a new addition in Burleson Crossing. Home Goods, a discount home furnishing store, is proposed to go up between Academy and Ulta. After Bastrop approved a developmental moratorium exemption, construction is scheduled to begin around November 1st and expected to be completed by June 2019.The city has also issued a number of exceptions, one of which allows construction on the new Seton Medical Clinic to continue.

Subject: Arby's
Question: I've heard rumors that Arby's is coming to the old Carl's Jr building. Any word on that? - RN
Location: Cedar Creek , TX
United States
Editor's Comment: Good News! Arbys has applied for a finish-out permit for the old Carl's Jr. location.
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