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Subject: Land Behind Hunters Crossing (West)
Question: Rumor has it that a City Park may be going in off Bear Hunter behind Hunters Crossing. There have been Excavators laying pipe the last couple weeks? - VD
Location: Bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: According to the City, a city park is not proposed at this location. There is pipe being laid for the extension of utilities to West Bastrop Village.

Subject: Target
Question: Is target coming up to Bastrop, Tx - EG
, TX
Editor's Comment: We get this question frequently, and unfortunately we have not heard of any plans for a Target to come to Bastrop (yet).

Subject: Old Ramos location on Chestnut
Question: What is being built at the old Ramos location on Chestnut? - WCS
Location: Bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: The City of Bastrop says that the location will be a food court for mobile food vendors.

Subject: Fisherman's Park
Question: Is there a way to reserve the pavillion at Fisherman's Park? - KJ
Location: San Marcos , TX
Editor's Comment: Yes, you are able to reserve the Pavillion at Fisherman's Park! Traci Chavez at 512-332-8810 should be able to help.

Subject: What's coming?
Question: What is the space that Papa John's used to be in being prepped for? (489 Agnes St, the suite next to The UPS Store) - mc
Location: Bastrop
Editor's Comment: The old Papa John's space at 489 Agnes Street is being remodeled for Total Men's Primary Care (a medical care clinic) according to Bastrop City Planning.

Subject: Any new ?
Question: Any news of a new Starbucks or Coffee Bean coming soon? - CF
Location: Smithville , TX
Editor's Comment: As of July 14, 2021, the City Planning does not have any applications for new coffee shops in Bastrop.

Subject: Restaurants
Question: Any plans for an Applebee's &/or olive Garden? - Cg
Location: Bastrop , Tx
Editor's Comment: Unfortunately, City Planning reports that there are no active applications for an Applebee's, Olive Garden, or any national chain restaurants.

Subject: Old Navy
Question: Rumor has it Old Navy is coming to Bastrop? If so where? Thank you - Skg
Location: Bastrop , Tx
Editor's Comment: We are very excited to announce that according to Bastrop City Planning, there is an Old Navy coming to Bastrop! They have been issued a permit for this project at 767 Highway 71 W.

Subject: Clearing land behind new water tower on 20
Question: Any idea what is going in just past the new water tower on Highway 20? - PAS
Location: Cedar Creek , TX
Editor's Comment: According to City Planning, the development is called West Bastrop Village. They are working on the land to install the public infrastructure for future residential homes.

Subject: Beall’s
Question: What is going into the storefront that used to be Beall’s? - RM
Editor's Comment: Planet Fitness has a remodel permit issued for 487 SH 71 (previously the Bealls Department Store). We believe it will be opening at the end of summer 2021.

Subject: What’s being built behind Jack in the Box
Question: There’s a new drive thru driveway and building going up behind the Jack in the Box off 71 and Jackson Street off MLK. Any idea what it could be? - SA
Location: Bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: At 303 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, a commercial fitness gym is under construction under the property owner name of SAB Bastrop Properties LLC.

Subject: Commercial Planning
Question: Are there any upcoming commercial projects in Bastrop to expand grocery shopping such as building a Whole Foods, Target, Sams Club, or Costco? - ML
Location: San Antonio , TX
Editor's Comment: Unfortunately, there have been no recent city applications for new retail groceries.

Subject: Planet Fitness?
Question: The rumor mill is buzzing with news that a Planet Fitness is coming to Bastrop. Can you confirm? - CTD
Location: San Antonio , TX
Editor's Comment: Planet Fitness has a remodel permit issued for 487 SH 71 (previously the Bealls Department Store). We believe it will be opening at the end of summer 2021.

Subject: Water tower at highway 20 just south of 71
Question: How tall is the water tower? What is its capacity? - TT
Location: San Antonio , TX
Editor's Comment: 284 feet in height, and 250,000 gallon capacity.

Subject: Across from CVS
Question: What is being built at the corner across from CVS? - LL
Location: Bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: The convenience store being built at this location is Quik Trip.

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