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Subject: New Apartments
Question: So I recently read (today) that there is a new apartment complex that will be built off 304 near Home Depot in Bastrop. Is that true? - JR
Editor's Comment: Yes. The Bastrop City Council recently approved a variance for a builder to build q three story, 182 1 & 2 bedroom apartment building at that location.

Subject: Health Inspections for Restaurants
Question: I've been trying to find health inspections for restaurants here in Bastrop County but have not been able to locate any kind of information online. Could you help point me in the right direction. - MSF
Editor's Comment: You might call the Bastrop County Environmental & Sanitation Department for information. 211 Jackson Street | Bastrop, Texas 78602 | Phone: (512) 581-7176 | Fax: (512) 581-7178

Subject: New construction on Hwy 71
Question: What is being built on the left side(if you are going toward Smithville) right before Tahitian, on Hwy 71. - RN
Location: Cedar Creek , TX
Editor's Comment: Pacific Dental is going on the corner near Popeye's. There is some retail space available at that location but no announcement has been made.

Subject: Truck stop in Paige Texas
Question: Have you heard anything about the Chevron truck stop and Travel Center coming to Paige Texas thanks BC - Bc
Editor's Comment: I generally can't get information on buildings in communities outside of Bastrop. Should I hear anything I will let you know.

Subject: 71/95 Bypass
Question: Can you tell us some idea of when the diversion side roads are going to open on 71 .When will the construction begin for the overpass by Buccees please? These must be the same contractors they are using in Tahitian Village for our roads...Our street is washing away into the river...We moved here full time, from California, over a year ago and thought it would be further along. Our Bluff is eroding and once day will take our second house and loss of another home as opposed loosing the little A frame shack we owned before Being excessive in our losses with the adjuster, got a little out of hand since we will be paying way more taxes on our old greehouse/house/weekend gettaway - DH
Location: Bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: The construction on the highways are under the state highway department. The roads and streets in Tahitian Village are handled by the Bastrop County Water Control Improvement District No.2. They handle road maintenance in Tahitian Village. There is an important article in the Bastrop Advertiser April 1st edition front page about your roads. I would check with the Water district near the entrance to Tahitian Village for direct information.

Subject: Harbor Freight
Question: Any word of Harbor freight coming to Bastrop? Heard it was going to come here where the Goodwill moved from. Thanks for all your hard work & info. - JS
Location: bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: Not at this time.Will keep check on this.

Subject: New construcion across from Saint Davids Emergency Center
Question: What is being build on 71 across the way from the Saint Davids ER? Looks like a housing complex of some sort. - MM
Location: Bastrop , Tx
Editor's Comment: New Haven Assisted Living is building a memory care facility on Hwy 71 on the opposite side from the hospital.

Subject: Golds Gym
Question: So I heard that Gold's Gym is supposed to be coming to Bastrop, is that true? - JP
Editor's Comment: We have been unable to find any source aware of Gold's Gym planning to come to Bastrop at this time. If any change occurs we will post it.

Subject: lots of dirt moving
Question: Any clue what is being built next to the railroad tracks on Chestnut street? - js
Location: bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: It will be Spring Street Dental Clinic.

Subject: Old Owens music site
Question: What is being built at the old Owens Music location on Chestnut? - RN
Location: Cedar Creek , TX
United States
Editor's Comment: It will be Spring Street Dental Clinic.

Subject: Taco place
Question: What is the name of that new taco restaurant on 107 Childers dr, and when will it open? - Kp
Editor's Comment: The name is Fuzzys Tacos Shop and is open and appears quite popular.

Subject: Sams Club in Bastrop?
Question: I was told that representatives of Sams Club told the managers of Walmart that Sams is building in Bastrop. Texts are flying like reindeer. Can you confirm? - SW
Editor's Comment: Nothing has been announced at this time, and no mention of Sam's has been made.

Subject: list of business
Question: Hi How do we get added on to this list of businesses? - eg
Location: Bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: Send business name, type of business, address, phone, and website to our website.

Subject: Children's Story
Question: I have been writing for children and young adults about 29 years. I am coming for a business trip to Bastrop and wanted to write a short piece on something interesting about the town. Can you provide me with a start or any information? - GS
Location: Mexia , tX
Editor's Comment: Sorry for the delay! The Bastrop Chamber of Commerce or the Bastrop County Historical Museum and Visitor Center should be able to give you this information.

Subject: Vegas Steakhouse
Question: Any information on this restaurant like menu or web information? It looks like it just opened this week across from the Colony. - BGO
Location: Bastrop , Tx
Editor's Comment: Not at this time.

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