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Subject: Website for posterity
Comment: How can the Bastrop Genealogical Society assist in ensuring this website will continue to be available in the future? There is so much valuable information! We appreciate all the work done! - JZ
Editor's Comment: Thank you. Our website was started 18 years ago. We will make every effort to continue this website so that this information will remain available. I always enjoy your meetings that I am able to attend. We appreciate your offer of assistance in keeping our information available in the future. Neil Gurwitz

Subject: To the Elgin person
Comment: I dont blame that person for being upset about whats going on with this site. Id rather hear rumors. Ive seen little business already go up in around Bastrop (not Elgin) and only found out because there own signs or from other people on Facebook. - PL
Location: Bastrop , Tx
Editor's Comment: Here are some updates. Kay Jewelers is going in at Burleson's. New Haven Assisted Living is building a memory care facility on Hwy 71 on the opposite side from the hospital. Spring Street Dental is going on Chestnut where Owens Music was. Several major buildings are also announced on our home page under news and upcoming events.

Subject: Updates
Comment: To the person who is upset because this site is not updated to their liking: you can always contact the Planning and Development Department at City Hall for information on what is happening in Bastrop. I, for one, appreciate that information I find here is reliable and not based on what someone told someone they heard about from someone else. - mc
Location: Elgin , TX
United States
Editor's Comment: Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your support.Here are some updates. Kay Jewelers is going in at Burleson's. New Haven Assisted Living is building a memory care facility on Hwy 71 on the opposite side from the hospital. Spring Street Dental is going on Chestnut where Owens Music was. Several major buildings are also announced on our home page under news and upcoming events.

Subject: Need new editor
Comment: This site hasn't been updated in almost 2 months. People other then me would like to know what is Being Built in Bastrop. Is there another site that will take people to find out what is being built in our city? - AA
Editor's Comment: Thanks for your comments. For the updating in the last two months, I’ll give you the answers I’ve received. First, this is the slowest time of the year for new announcements. There is a lot of activity going on but new notices don’t come out until late January or February. Some new businesses and restaurants should be announced soon. Second, I could report rumors of new openings coming, but most prove incorrect. Therefore, our policy is to wait until they are official. To my knowledge there is not another site that consistently has this news. I too like to know what is coming to Bastrop! We have been fortunate to have the quality stores for our size town. Here are some updates. Kay Jewelers is going in at Burleson's. New Haven Assisted Living is building a memory care facility on Hwy 71 on the opposite side from the hospital. Spring Street Dental is going on Chestnut where Owens Music was. Several major buildings are also announced on our home page under news and upcoming events.

Subject: Harbo Freight
Comment: I heard that Harbor Freight is going into the old Goodwill location. - cp
Location: Bastro , TX
Editor's Comment: No information at this time.

Subject: Aternative Meal Store
Comment: I think we should have a different food chain to go and have a good meal. I saw at one time of a Denny's coming to Bastrop and now its being torn up to widen the Hwy. There should be another place to go to eat besides fast foods and mexican restuarants. People now travel to Austin for a different meal this takes monies away from Bastrop and people would have their choices and tourist would have different places they can stop and eat. - SRS
Location: Bastrop , TX
United States
Editor's Comment: The larger restaurant chains usually consider size of city and market area before deciding to open there. Bastrop is starting to fit their requirements and they could start considering us.

Subject: Grocery stores
Comment: We are already in serious need of another grocery store. And with the 530+ homes being built behind Walmart, our infrastructure and stores can't handle that many people. Any news? - SW
Location: Bastrop , TX
Editor's Comment: Not at this time.

Subject: Stores coming soon
Comment: I am wondering if we are going to get an Olive Garden, Red Lobster, kohl's, KK( Krispy Kreme), oh! Oh! A Chipotle that'll be nice, ihop...! - WRR
Location: Bastrop , TX
United States
Editor's Comment: .There has been no announcements at this time,

Subject: Locks Pharmacy
Comment: This Morning a young Woman came out of Locks Pharmacy to post the American Flag. While doing so I noticed Her holding Her hand over Her Heart. I asked what She said and She stated that every Morning after the Flag is posted they recite the Pledge to the American Flag. Being a Vet I salute Locks and those who work there. They are True Patriots of America the Great State of Texas and the City of Bastrop. - STB
Location: Bastrop , Tx
United States

Subject: Movie Picture Quality and Sound Quality
Comment: Hi we Visited your Theatre Tonight to see the New Star Wars Movie the Movie it Self was ok. But I was not impressed with the Picture or Sound Quality at all. I am not even sure the Picture would get a 480 Pixel Rating. Also Seats are to Close Together. I really Expected Better for a Star Wars Movie Picture Clarity and Sound That is Thanks. - DCJ
Location: Bastrop , Tx
United States
Editor's Comment: I have spoken to several people who saw the movie there. None seemed to have noticed the problems you mentioned. Something must have happened at the showing you were at. You might want to mention it to the management

Subject: Bastrop
Comment: With the people came the changes. We were saying the other day that we wished we took pictures of 71 in the early 90's when it was still a small highway in Bastrop. We still miss the little HEB and the little Walmart...and the country that lined the highway. Now it just looks like Austin. We do like having more choices but, at the same time, we liked it just the way it was. - mc
Location: Elgin , TX
United States
Editor's Comment: Imagine how Bastrop looked when I first came 72 years ago!

Subject: big box stores in Bastrop
Comment: I have read the comments regarding the desire to attract more "big box" stores to the Bastrop area. I think it is extremely important to thoroughly consider all sides of these initiatives. As a native Texan who grew up in a small town, I saw so many families lose their generational businesses due to what some people consider progress. What are the consequences to pay for allowing this kind of growth? Is Austin not a perfect example? Review what some smaller towns are doing to preserve their integrity. My in-laws live in Collierville, Tennessee. Read about how they are working to keep their community from being sold out. Some people may find it too restrictive, but there is a price to pay for convenience in the long run. - jm
Editor's Comment: True. Some factors though-young people had to leave to find jobs. Old people had to drive on dangerous highways to get certain services. Many small towns have lost their hospitals. Many small family businesses have closed over the years because their children have moved to the cities and they don't have anyone to carry on the business. Plus Amazon and other large mail order businesses have affected so many family businesses. Bastrop has been in both situations, but have preserved their past while looking forward to the future.

Subject: Grocery Stores
Comment: As large as Bastrop is why do we still only have two grocery stores! Personally I'm fed up with how busy and full heb is these days. We need some discount grocery stores like Aldi or even a target or Randalls! Any news on new grocery stores? - RY
Editor's Comment: No news of any new grocery stores coming. There are some days or hours that HEB is not as busy-figuring out when is the problem.

Subject: Panera Bread
Comment: Would love to see them come to Bastrop, would be a refreshing alternative for a meal!! - KM
Location: Bastrop , Tx
Editor's Comment: They would be a welcome addition to Bastrop. Have not heard any talk about this yet.

Subject: Health and Safety Fair
Comment: Letter to the Editor, Can you please help us get the word out on this worthwhile event that benefits our residents of Bastrop County. PSA for the Health & Safety Fair at Cedar Creek United Methodist Church On February the 21st, from 9am to 1 pm, the Church will be sponsoring a Health & Safety Fair to benefit the residents of Bastrop County. To name of few of the information booths that will be available, the PHI (STAT AIR) EMS helicopter will be there, Acadian Ambulance, Scott & White Hospital with their roll-over simulator, the R-U-OK program thru the Citizen Sheriff’s Academy, Community Services from the Sheriff’s Office with info on National Night Out, Neighborhood Watch, Safety for our Seniors Sexting, and more. There will people taking blood pressures and checking blood sugars and much more. Stop by and see what all Bastrop has for it’s residents. The main concern will be directed towards our Elderly and what we can provide to help them. There will be some finger type food for sale. We will have a hospitability room for the vendors with complimentary food. If you would like to be a vendor, call the church at 512-303-1393 and they will direct you to the proper people. Help us get the word out to the people of Bastrop on how the county can help. - VLJ
Location: Del Valle , TX

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